This mouse mix has been created by a uk mouse owner and breeder.


  • Mr. Johnsons Special Rabbit mix
  • oats
  • safflower
  • paddy rice
  • millet seeds
  • linseed
  • hemp
  • canary seed
  • buckwheat
  • fennel
  • flaked soya
  • flaked peas
  • cabbage flakes
  • beetroot flakes
  • pig creep
  • copper cubes
  • salmon and potato small bite dog kibble
  • herbage
  • seaweed powder

Typical Analysis

  • protein 17.22%
  • fat 5.56%
  • fiber 6.88%
  • copper 10.55

Feeding guidelines are based on the individual weight of mice.

Using a small volumetric scoop such as kitchen measuring spoons are ideal.

A 10ml scoop of mix each day is ideal for a mouse weighing 50g+ .

A 15ml scoop per day is enough for 2 mice weighing 35g+ each.

Scattering the food into the substrate and hiding a small amount throughout the cage set-up helps to create an enriched feeding experience.

Mice love to gnaw on cuttlefish bones, they should be freely available in the cage.  Larger sized ones are easily broken into chunks. Replace them as necessary.

As this mixture is partially supplemented you only need to give an additional supplement once or twice a fortnight.  This can be given on food or through the water bottle.

Our dailyrat3, tiny animal essentials or failing essentials 3 from Dr S can be mixed into a wet food or mixed into salmon oil or omega oil and drizzled onto a cube of brown bread.

Dailyrat3 scoop (when levelled) is enough for approximately 11 large mice.

Dr.S daily essentials 1 can be used in a water bottle

Always have fresh drinking water available.

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