• Rat Mix No11 with Flaked Soya
No11 mixtures are all a Straights Based diet suitable for all rats. Kittens under the age of 12 weeks will need additional protein to aid growth.

No11 comes as an A Mix and a B Mix.  These are both made using our kidney friendly Base Mix No3, with either soya flakes or egg biscuit as the protein source. They have a different selection of additional ingredients to offer variety.  No11 includes all the component parts of a homemade mixture based on the Shunamite style diet

A supplement should be offered once or twice a week as most homemade mixtures are deficient in Calcium, Copper and Vitamin D.

Our DailyRat3 provides these in an easy to use powder form.  We have found that mixing it into yoghurt or a wet meal such as fish or scrambled egg is the easiest way to ensure it is taken.

A water based option is to use DrS Daily Essentials 1 along with Dr.S Calcivet.

No11 is not available as a No Garlic option

  • paddy rice
  • whole barley
  • flaked barley
  • flaked maize
  • flaked peas
  • white dari
  • mixed millet
  • buckwheat
  • flaked buckwheat
  • brown basmati rice
  • flaked soya
  • seed mix (hemp, pumpkin seed, linseed, milk thistle, fennel, white quinoa)
  • mixed cereals (bite size wheat pillows, crisped rice, cornflakes, spelt puffs, mixed puffs)
  • dried mixed vegetable
  • carrot flakes
  • dandelion leaf
  • garlic
  • kelp pieces
  • red bell pepper
  • coconut
  • currants
  • cranberries
  • mixed berries
  • carob (locust bean)

11A  has the following additional ingredients

  • chickweed
  • raspberry leaves
  • beetroot pieces
  • spearmint
  • small diced pineapplepieces
  • sultanana

11B has the following additional ingredients

  • lemon balm
  • blackberry leaf
  • tomato flakes
  • basil
  • small diced papaya pieces
  • raisins
This recipe is supplied by Mary Giles, Zephyr Rat Stud.

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Rat Mix No11 with Flaked Soya

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