• CaCuD3 - Rat supplement

CaCuD3  is an easy-to-use, non-soluble powder which we have made, specifically for rats to provide Calcium, Copper and Vitamin D.   

Many rat owners have difficulty providing enough of these 3 supplements within the daily food consumption.


  • We suggest 3-4 times per week for our Original Rat-Mix numbers 
  • once or twice per week for the Isa-Mix versions as this is already partially supplemented by the inclusion of Harrisons Banana Brunch

Easy to use by simply stirring into

  • a teaspoon of yoghurt
  • scrambled egg
  • porridge or wet meat
  • oily fish
  • or anything readily taken - including a small portion of your cooked dinner
  • the scoop provided will hold a daily amount for 3 rats.
  • the copper flakes may turn the food green - alarming on the first occasion but totally harmless.
  • overdosing is unlikely as excess will not be absorbed by the body but will be excreted.
  •  we would suggest purchasing enough to last 3 - 6 months to ensure freshness. The daily amount required per rat is provided in a 0.2g. dose.

THIS SUPPLEMENT IS NOT WATER SOLUBLE - please do not use in a water bottle or dish of water.

DailyRat3 comes in 5 sizes:-

  • 125 grams - 625 individual doses in a refill packet (no spoon provided)
  • 125 grams - 625 individual doses in a plastic tub with blue scoop
  • 250 grams - 1250 individual doses   comes in 1 x 125g tub with scoop and a 125g refill pack
  • 500 grams - 2500 individual doses   comes in 1 x 125g tub with scoop and a 3 x 125g refill pack
  • 1000 grams - 5000 individual doses  comes in 1 x 125g tub with scoop and 7 x 125g refill pack

We are happy to supply retail outlets and Rat Clubs - please contact John or Sam for details.

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CaCuD3 - Rat supplement

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