Pet Rat Care is an excellent book for all rat keepers, whether you are just starting out on your rat-keeping journey or have been keeping them for years  If you are thinking of owning pet rats or are looking to create a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life for your pets, then this book is for you.

Written by Zoe Lumour, who is a passionate rat lover and retired breeder. Her rat keeping journey has spanned years. 

Although retired from breeding, Zoe is still an active member of the rat community and is dedicated to caring for rats and passing this knowledge and experience to the wider community. 

As the founder of the popular website Azuline Rattery, Zoe has shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with countless rat owners, providing them with easy-to-understand articles about rat care and training. Her website has become a go-to resource for rat owners seeking guidance on how to provide the best possible care for their pets.

The photographs in the book were taken by Bogglesandboops Small Pet Photography

The drawings are by Jemma Fettes of Isamu Rats  (another very informative website)

Inside this book, you’ll find:

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Should You Get Pet Rats?

Chapter 3. Where To Get Pet Rats

Chapter 4. Which Rats To Get.

Chapter 5. Creating An Enriching Rat Cage

Chapter 6. Feeding A Nutritious Diet

Chapter 7. Other Preparations

Chapter 8. Creating Enriched Lives

Chapter 9. Handling, Bonding And Bites

Chapter 10. Maintaining Weight And Managing The Environment

Chapter 11. Rat Behaviour

Chapter 12. The Rat Community

Chapter 13. Get More Rats (GMR) syndrome

Chapter 14. Letting Go

Chapter 15. Checking Health And Condition

Chapter 16. Finding A Rat Vet

Chapter 17. Health Issues In Rats

Chapter 18. Surgery And Medication

Chapter 19. Saying Goodbye

We highly reccommend reading this book alongside the Azuline companion guide 

Pet Rat Care Book

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