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Beaphar Universal Food is a complementary food, specially formulated for  fruit and insect-eating birds, including Mynahs, Pekin Robins, Thrushes, Toucans and Glossy Starlings.

It is enriched with berries, fruits, and mealworms to provide the basic daily requirement of protein, vitamins and minerals for your bird. Give a fresh dish of Universal Food daily.  Insect eating birds should also be provided with additional insects and fruit eaters with extra fresh fruits.

Many other species of bird such as Finches, Canaries, Parakeets and Parrots will enjoy a small amount as an occasional conditioning food or tasty treat.

It will also be well-received by native songbirds, such as robins, blackbirds, redwings, thrushes, and jays.  Place a dish of food at ground level to encourage them into your garden.

Nutritional analysis

  • crude protein 15.5%
  • crude oils and fats 11.2%
  • crude fibre 3.3%
  • crude ash 3.3%


bakery products, derivatives of vegetable origin, fruit 13% (5.5% raisins, 3% juniper berries, 2.5% mango, 2% pineapple), oils and fats, various sugars, yeast, seeds, minerals, insects 2% (mealworms 2%)

Universal Softbill Food - Beaphar

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